Vancouver Fraser



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Fraser is a primarily single family houses with many “Vancouver special” 80s style homes and bungalows. There is a recent trend for some more strata units and there are some condos and few townhouse complexes.

Fraser has been a traditionally a good area to raise a family with parks, good schools and large enough lots for some gardening or more recently laneway housing. Good opportunity for youth field sports like little league baseball, softball, track, soccer, ultimate frisbee.

Fraser offers small neighbourhood shops around the South Hill area including small local businesses like delis, tailors, barbers, and ethnic food stores.

George ParkDog Park, Playground
MacDonald ParkPlayground
Memorial South ParkRunning Track, Playground, Baseball, softball
Moberly ParkPlayground
Ross ParkPlayground
Sunset ParkDog Park (off-lease area), Playground, Community centre, Rink

Dog Parks

Sunset Park offers Dogs off-leash area.


Kids love the outdoors!

South Hill Business area8 blocks of shopping South along Fraser St. @ 41st Ave.
Lahore ChatkharaIndian curries, Briyani, Halal restaurant
Angel CafeAsian breakfast lunch dinner
Good ChoiceDim Sum, Dinner
Gia Minh vietnamese
89 Inn Restaurant
So Hyang Korean

Rare local craftsmanship

Ben’s Tailors are examples of local craftsman stores available in South Hill.

Breka Bakery

local favorite for breads and pastries and snack cuisine.

Fraser has many community activities that encourage gatherings. For example, Gray’s Park offers tennis courts, wading pool, ball hockey. Memorial park offers little league baseball, softball, track, soccer fields. The community also has a cultural festivals celbrating chinese, filipino, german, persian, indian, italian, korean, japanese,…residents. Lots of local school oriented plays, events, musical performances also color the area.

Eastside Craft House
Bells and Whistles Tap bar
Sunset Community Centre
South Hill Neighbourhood Centre
L & G Bubble Tea

Memorial South

Soccer leagues

Fitness shops

Eastside fitness includes outdoor and indoor activities for members.

  • Sir Alexander Mackenzie (K-7)
  • L’Ecole Bilingue (K-7)
  • St Andrew’s (K-7)
  • John Henderson (K-7)
  • John Henderson Annex (K-5)
  • Sir William Van Horne (K-7)
  • John Oliver Sec
  • David Thompson Sec
  • Sir Charles Tupper Sec
  • Ecole Jules Verne (Francophone, IB program)
  • Sir Winston Churchill (IB Program, French Immersion)
  • King David (Jewish Independent)

John Oliver Sec

John Oliver dance

“JO” performances sometimes break out in hallways.

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