Award winning Coquitlam Realtor and expert Vancouver Realtor.

Meryl is an award winning realtor based out of Coquitlam Sutton WestCoast Realty. Living in Vancouver and Coquitlam and having family in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond, she is a local expert who loves the diversity of the neighbourhoods in Metro Vancouver. After travelling as an international student and studying abroad, she eventually moved to Vancouver to study at University of BC and then Simon Fraser University for graduate as well as post graduate years. After working as a real estate conveyancer and legal administrator, she became registered with the Vancovuer Real Estate Board REGBV and has been in the real estate industry for almost a decade.
Meryl’s family life was based in Coquitlam so it was natural for Meryl to establish her homebase brokerage in Coquitlam at Sutton WestCoast Group as a realtor serving Vancouver and Coquitlam.


Message from Meryl:
“Service that is personal is very important to me. I truly enjoy the relationships that I build with each of my clients and business partners; and I am incredibly grateful that it is this existing network of genuine relationships that primarily keeps me successful as a Realtor. I am deeply loyal to each one of my clients and I am dedicated to assisting them throughout the selling or buying process or often both— from the moment they choose to work with me as a client to sitting down together with their lawyer or notary and reviewing documents just to ensure that they are no boxes unchecked prior to my client’s completion date.
I love being able to draw from my passion and client loyalty and I am grateful for the opportunity of playing a small part in my clients’ happiness whether it may be achieving their goals in real estate, business or life in general. I draw from my business, communications and marketing education to help sellers get market exposure and buyers get exclusive information. My strong ability to negotiate and execute is deeply rooted in my legal and administrative background, which allows me to gain key insight into risks/benefits and investment/return potential for my clients; and as a result, I help keep my clients at advantage and informed. In addition, I also draw upon my natural instincts and intuition to understand both my client and the other party to ensure that my client is best represented in negotiations and contracts.
Having worked as a real estate conveyancer as well as operating my own real estate consulting business in partnership with several law firms for eight years, I am also able to draw upon years of knowledge and experience working with industry partners like lawyers, notaries, mortgage brokers, banks, developers, strata management, municipalities, land title registrars and so forth. **Very importantly, I understand that key to success for my clients involves their trust in my ability and passion to bring together professionals to collaborate and achieve my clients larger goals.”