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Hastings Sunrise aka “East Village” or “Hastings East” has undergone transformative changes in the last decade+ and therefore the name “rebranding”. This area has been compared to a “Commercial Drive” but the locals know that this area is unique. It is one of Vancouver’s charming turned trendy areas with lots of tasty shops and mix of commercial and residential space.

Recently Hastings Sunrise has been an attractant to the makers, art, and design conscious aficionados. Take the eateries which have transformed from local cafe’s to artisan cafes or celebrity hangouts. Red Wagon brunch got the nod from triple D’s Guy Fieri and has regular Brunch lineups of 1-2 hours long on the weekends.

Housing has historically been single family but in the last 8 years, the city is trying to densify this area with low-rise/mid-rise. Even more recently this area is seeing getting more glass with high rise buildings. Traditionally immigrants from Europe like Italy, Eastern Europe it has now become much more multi-cultural. A vibrant, artistic, professional, and diverse community.

New Brighton ParkDog Park, Playground
Bates Park
Burrard View ParkPlayground
Callister Park
Cambridge Park
Charles Park
Clinton ParkPlayground
Dusty Greenwall Park
Hastings ParkSkateboard park, urban park


Kids love the outdoors!

Dog Park

New Brighton Park by the water

East Village has distinctive shopping area. There is a flavour of heritage and old world but it is a shared heritage, be it Italian, Eastern European, SE Asian, Chinese, South American.
Tacofino Commissary
Filmgo SalesVintage home decor
Tiny Fineryhandmade jewlery
Stillwell DesignsWood craftsman furniture
Dayton Boots
Red Wagon eatery
TamamPalestinian Cuisine


Casual mexican cuisine

Stillwell craftsman furniture

Beautiful woods, veneers, joinery

Filmgo vintage, restored furniture

Kitsch, restored vintage goods, some used in film industry props.

This neighbourhood has pride. It has the distinct ownership of one of the oldest amusement and exhibitions in the NorthWest – the Pacific National Exhibition a yearly summer favorite.

Red WagonHangout over brunch
PNEAmusement park and exhibition. Concerts
Concertsmany concerts both outdoor and indoor have been held at the PNE/Coliseum

PNE roller coaster

Classic wooden roller coaster at PNE amusement park

Retro Concerts

Who doesn’t love a good retro comeback boy band? right? right?

  • Dr A.R. Lord (K-7)
  • Our Lady of Sorrows (K-7) Catholic Independent
  • Hastings (K-7) French Immersion
  • West Coast Christian (K-12) Independent Christian
  • Garibaldi (K-4)
  • Sir Matthew Begbie (K-7)
  • Britannia sec (IB program, hockey academy, Venture program)
  • Templeton sec (AP program)
  • Vancouver Technical (8-12) French imm, AP, Summit, Flex Humanities
  • Alpha (French imm, AP)
  • Notre Dame (Catholic indep)
  • Stratford Hall (Indep; IB Program)

Brittania School

Hastings Elementary

French Immersion class

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