Pre-sale Completion – Deficiency walk-through checklist

Many new home buyers do not know what to expect after they purchase a pre-sale condo or townhouse and finally receive their NOTICE of COMPLETION. Many buyers get notified of their Walk-Through and show up without question. We recommend that you read this guide first. Bring this checklist along during the walk-through (using your phone or tablet).

Many buyers wonder how important the walk-through is when they have a new home warranty. It can be a very stressful moment for buyers to sign off on a walk-through. Think of it this way, it gives the you and developers a chance to deal with an issues BEFORE it has to go through insurance.

Deficiency Walkthrough Reminder | Checklist

13% overall complaints. Look for crooked framing, drywall cracks, dents, imperfections

REMINDER describe which room, which wall

8% kitchens/bath complaints. Look for Appliances, missing, not spec’d correctly. Countertops, cupboards, backsplash, garbeurator, sink, microwave.

REMINDER take pictures. Compare with samples or documents of finish.

8% kitchens/bath complaints. Look for leaks, toilet operation, sealing around toilet base, humidity fans, controls, GFCI safety outlets. Check tub and any special operation like jet tubs. Make sure cold hot water works. Ask if grout is sealed or if that is owner responsibility?

REMINDER describe which floor and bathroom.

8% door complaints. Look for framing square (no gaps or squeaks). Check for dents. Draft through door?

REMINDER describe which door

6% window complaints. Listen for noise or crack. Check sealing around window. Drafts.

REMINDER take pictures and describe.

5% flooring complaints. Squeaky floors, carpet bubbles, underlay bumpy, stains. Wood floor gaps or buckling (not smooth)

REMINDER take pictures and describe.

3% paint complaints. Ensure paint with lighting is even, and no cracks or bubbles.

REMINDER take pictures and describe.

3% Check for settling cracks or any cracks that may need further investigation.

REMINDER take pictures and describe.

3% Check for any dark wet spots on walls, foggy windows especially inside a double glazed window. Condensation under sinks.

REMINDER take pictures and describe.

3% Ask for controls to be tested…report?

REMINDER take pictures and describe.

3% Check for location, wall cracks, size to fit car, ask questions if uncertain.

REMINDER take pictures and describe.

REMINDER: Set dates for addressing issues. Set date to followup if appraiser or inspector is needed for further analysis like cracks on ceilings walls, floor.