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Strathcona is just west of Hastings and is close to the Downtown core. It is a bit of a hipster hideout with a mix of industry (high end rugs, custom guitar luthiers, food importers), Retailers, and residents who love being close to downtown. The industrial waterfront border known now as Railtown is full of lofts, converted warehouses and apartments overlooking the water.

There is a lot of renewed interest in this area from younger single and new family populations attracted to the renovated industrial artistic feel of the areas like Railtown. You will find no shortage of lifestyle products around as well as breweries and coffee brewing companies in this area. Pandora park, Powell street, and Stewart streets offer strolling with a coffee. There are also home furniture, textile, rug, art, and lifestyle stores to visit and enjoy.

Influenced by the mix of light industrial, retail, and art, there is interest from the artistic or enthusiast community to live/work there. There are a number of artists studios, lofts, and live/work spaces and draws the attention of Eastside culture crawl in November to explore visual arts and crafts. Woodland Park offers a garden feel with interesting totem gardens to appreciate First Nations art.


Railtown is located on the northern tip of Strathcona and Downtown East along the waterfront.

Pandora ParkPlayground
Oppenheimer ParkPlayground
Hastings Community ParkPlayground
Burrard View ParkPlayground
McGill Park
Crab ParkPlayground


Kids love the outdoors!

ScandaliciousScandinavian cafe meals
Lots of breweries and coffee brews in this neighbourhood. Perhaps the most extensive choice in one area.Parallel 49, Andian Brewing, Callister Brewing, etc.
Storm Brewing LtdTasting tours
Back and Forth BarCraft beers with ping pong, snacks, games
Alibi RoomTrendy spot with Taps and Brew with locally sourced food menu

Finlay & Kath interiors

Textiles and rugs

Sunrise Motors

Motorcycle enthusiast shop. An example of the creative light workshops and studios in the area.

With Downtown, Gastown, and Hastings-Sunrise surrounding Hastings neighbourhoods, there is no shortage of entertainment or relaxation for foodies or hipsters looking for fashion, arts, home furniture, or just to enjoy the industrial feel of the neighbourhood.

Eastside Culture CrawlVisual Arts and crafts festival
Powell street festivalOppenheimer Park
Liquids + SolidsSoup + Sandwich
Antique Market
Hotel at The WaldorfGreat Restaurant
Lots of boutique coffeealong Powell,
Breweriesalong waterfront

Alibi Room

Popular trendy bar bistro and after party location

Emsay Concrete Art

Example of the art featured in Eastside Culture Crawl

  • Admiral Seymour (K-7) Strongstart
  • Lord Strathcona (K-7) Early French Immersion
  • Britannia Elem (K-7)
  • Sir William Macdonald (K-7) Strongstart
  • St Francis Assisi (K-7) Independent Catholic
  • International Village Elem (K-7)
  • Britannia sec (IB program, hockey academy, Venture program)
  • Templeton sec (AP program)
  • Westside Prepartory (private indep)
  • St. Patrick's (Catholic indep)
  • Notre Dame (Catholic indep)
  • Stratford Hall (Indep; IB Program)

Brittania School

Brittania Sec

Hockey Academy at Brittania

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