Buyer Guide – Financing Leasehold Property

What You Need To Know about financing Leasehold Property (Part 2 of 2: Leasehold Series)

Video interview – financing a leasehold property

Interested to learn how financing works for leaseholds? This is Part 2 of our leasehold series where we interview Chung Cheong from Dominion Lending about financing a leasehold.

Some questions we asked:

1. There seems to be fewer lenders who are willing to finance leaseholds especially private leaseholds. Is this true?

2. What do lenders look for when they receive a mortgage application for a leasehold?

3. What are your recommendations to someone who is considering a leasehold?

Compare leasehold vs freehold

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Condo Leasehold versus Freehold

For those considering condominiums, the condo manual is an excellent resource from a BC lawyer.